libwab* online for Outlook Express to Thunderbird migration

Upload a zipped .wab file to convert it to .ldif format.

WAB/LDIF conversion

Wab is a proprietary address book format abandoned by Microsoft. It is used mainly by Outlook Express that still runs on millions of computers. Exporting it as csv often breaks non-ASCII charsets, also, semicolons are used that need to be replaced by commas to import the file in Thunderbird. Else, you may export single data sets as VCard (.vcf). Converting the wab file to the open standard LDIF right away is more convenient. Subdirectories are lost, though, while groups are preserved without content; both need to be recreated by hand as Thunderbird lists. So far there are no export tools who preserve them.

* developed by Sean Loaring in 2006, licensed under the GNU Library GPL. Online implementation by The original command line utility is available at as is closed. There's a binary for Windows and C source files for Linux that need to be compiled. Runs fine with gcc 4.8 on eg Ubuntu 14.